. . . The New Obsession

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Yes you heard right i now have a new obsession, it hasn't really replaced any old obsession more it has been added to the (very) long list of existing obsessions. That new obsession is . . . drum roll please . . . El Día de los Muertos or in English, The Day of the Dead. Which is a Mexican holiday/celebration from the 31st October to the 2nd November. the basic idea is that it is a time when people celebrate the memory of loved ones that have passed away, and during this time alters are set up for dead family and friend with sugar skull, marigolds and favorite foods and drinks of the deceased. I personally think this is a truly beautiful celebration and kinda wish we did something here in England but sadly we don't, but it gives another reason to heed the call of my Hispanic side. My artistic interest in this celebration mainly revolves around the "sugar skulls" which are a type of sweet made at the time. In perticular the decoration of the skulls which is shown in a lot of art and has somehow worked its way into tattoo art in perticular, and I have also got quite interested in the "face-painting" which is depicted quite regularly in tattoos as well as at the time of the celebration. Hopefully this will lead somewhere very interesting, if not it will of been one hell of a journey all the same . . .

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