. . . Coverings For Books

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Monday, November 23, 2009

Well these are three of the five book covers I made from Becky's original design, I'm only uploading these at the mo because their digital so they're waaay easier to upload and I haven't got round to scanning the other two, but yeah I'm happy with how they have turned out probably could spend a whole lot more time tweaking them but then they'd probably never ever get finished . . .

. . . Lists

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, November 21, 2009

These are the five pieces that I have produced for our Tutorial homework on lists, the list I chose was my top 5 colours and so I produced five pieces each with a corresponding (ooooo long word don't see to many of those round here) colour, which were: red, black, orange, dark blue and purple but now that I've written this I realise its pretty blatant what the colours are but I'm too lazy to delete it now, plus I have to shoehorn something funny into everyone of the blog posts . . .

. . . Theft

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A new piece for ole blog, which was inspired (aka idea theft) by Bethan's 'LOVE' piece, admittedly it was only the word love but whatever it still inspired me, but I thought I'd make mine a bit dirtier and grittier which is so me (eer no) but anyway took a bit of fiddling though because i darkened the background but then lost the type in the process but then I found the wonder that is Layer Style wooo, and managed to make the type stand out nicely but not completely take over the piece, well I least that what I hope has happened, I could and probably am wrong . . .

credit: Paper and Object 07 by ~Tackon
Floor 5347 by ~NewbieWorks

Distressed by *GreenEyezz-stock

Bokeh 9 by ~erykucciola-sToCk

Bad Manners Font by ~MisterChek

. . . Oh My God, Multitask . . . Man ?

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, November 08, 2009

Yes I managed to spend half of yesterday creating quite a few dA stamps and still managed to sort out all my stuff for Amsterdam, so I'm either very special or a woman, worringly I'm leaning more to woman side of things, hmmm. Still running along the nostalgic theme of quotes from me and friend, and now I've kinda thrown in events and places that are from past fun times, yay . . .

. . . Funny

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Just been playing about making stamps (which come from the ones that are on DeviantArt) with funny quotes from me and my friends, I like just cos there quick and simply yet hilarious, althought sometimes only to the people that were there but what the heck I'm having fun . . .

. . . Long Time No Post

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Well I got home from a day of doing Graphics sat down at my laptop and started doing some . . . wait for it . . . Digital A&D, bet you didn't see that coming did you. This piece is another one of those ones where I just check DeviantArt to see what new stock textures have been uploaded, and eventually came up with this, the text is lyrics from a Yellowcard song call "Light Up The Sky" (suprisingly enough) which just came to me when I was trying to think of something to write to do with light . . .

credit: light texture. by *tangyzoe
Ink Flats 08 - Detail 6 by ~loadus

bokeh by ~Nefelee

Cracked Texture: Hot Reds by *Foxytocin

peach sundress by *lostsoulx44