. . . Snow & Stuff

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Monday, December 28, 2009

These are just some photos that I took (and later tweaked on Photoshop) whilst mucking around in the snow with some friends, we were meant to be playing roller hockey (hence these looking like there from a playground) but there was too much snow/ice so I just spent the time taking photos of . . . well stuff cos that's what i like to do, I then made them B&W on photoshop and fiddled about with the brighness/contrast and some blending effects . . .

. . . Similar

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just having a little play about this afternoon on the ole' Photoshop, and came up with this. I wanted it too be a similar style to the previous piece cos I really like the way that one came out. It did take quite a bit of rearranging the various parts to get the composition how I wanted it to be, but I'm fairly happy with it now although it may be a little too similar to the last piece for my liking . . .

. . . A Little Something

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Well I thought because I haven't posted anything in a little while I may as well post this, it was inspired by a piece I saw on dA, so I went about creating it luckily I came up with the words pretty quickly otherwise I could imagine it taking absolutely ages, but didn't happy days, enjoy . . .

. . . Coverings For Books

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Monday, November 23, 2009

Well these are three of the five book covers I made from Becky's original design, I'm only uploading these at the mo because their digital so they're waaay easier to upload and I haven't got round to scanning the other two, but yeah I'm happy with how they have turned out probably could spend a whole lot more time tweaking them but then they'd probably never ever get finished . . .

. . . Lists

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These are the five pieces that I have produced for our Tutorial homework on lists, the list I chose was my top 5 colours and so I produced five pieces each with a corresponding (ooooo long word don't see to many of those round here) colour, which were: red, black, orange, dark blue and purple but now that I've written this I realise its pretty blatant what the colours are but I'm too lazy to delete it now, plus I have to shoehorn something funny into everyone of the blog posts . . .

. . . Theft

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A new piece for ole blog, which was inspired (aka idea theft) by Bethan's 'LOVE' piece, admittedly it was only the word love but whatever it still inspired me, but I thought I'd make mine a bit dirtier and grittier which is so me (eer no) but anyway took a bit of fiddling though because i darkened the background but then lost the type in the process but then I found the wonder that is Layer Style wooo, and managed to make the type stand out nicely but not completely take over the piece, well I least that what I hope has happened, I could and probably am wrong . . .

credit: Paper and Object 07 by ~Tackon
Floor 5347 by ~NewbieWorks

Distressed by *GreenEyezz-stock

Bokeh 9 by ~erykucciola-sToCk

Bad Manners Font by ~MisterChek

. . . Oh My God, Multitask . . . Man ?

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Yes I managed to spend half of yesterday creating quite a few dA stamps and still managed to sort out all my stuff for Amsterdam, so I'm either very special or a woman, worringly I'm leaning more to woman side of things, hmmm. Still running along the nostalgic theme of quotes from me and friend, and now I've kinda thrown in events and places that are from past fun times, yay . . .

. . . Funny

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, November 07, 2009

Just been playing about making stamps (which come from the ones that are on DeviantArt) with funny quotes from me and my friends, I like just cos there quick and simply yet hilarious, althought sometimes only to the people that were there but what the heck I'm having fun . . .

. . . Long Time No Post

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Well I got home from a day of doing Graphics sat down at my laptop and started doing some . . . wait for it . . . Digital A&D, bet you didn't see that coming did you. This piece is another one of those ones where I just check DeviantArt to see what new stock textures have been uploaded, and eventually came up with this, the text is lyrics from a Yellowcard song call "Light Up The Sky" (suprisingly enough) which just came to me when I was trying to think of something to write to do with light . . .

credit: light texture. by *tangyzoe
Ink Flats 08 - Detail 6 by ~loadus

bokeh by ~Nefelee

Cracked Texture: Hot Reds by *Foxytocin

peach sundress by *lostsoulx44

. . . Vampire

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, October 31, 2009

Well its Halloween so I made this for it. Well I made it before the actual day cos I was on DeviantArt and there was quite a few Halloween related picture so I thought I would have a stab at vampire themed one (oh haha stab, vampire, funny) and this is what I came up with in the end. It took quite a bit of tweaking to get it how I wanted, but I'm pretty sure I got there in the end . . .

credit: Vintage Beauty by ~GreenEyezz-stock
purple vintagey stripes paper by *TonomuraBix
Vampire Stock 28 by ~cyanide-rain-stock
Victorian grunge texture pack by =freaky665

. . . Photoshop Accident

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yes an art accident has occured, which is frankly the best kinda of accident next to maybe a cooking accident except this doesn't have the chance of making you or anyone else ill. I was just happily playing around on Photoshop minding my own buisiness when I added a new layer and blend effect and thats when it happened, I had accidently created a picture that looked pretty good, happy days . . .

credit: red chenille fabric texture by *beckas
texture 20 by ~Insan-Stock
Ink Splatter 05 by ~loadus
drip abstract texture by *beckasUnderpaid Sign Painter.ttf by *Lydia-distracted

. . . Might As Well

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Well I made this yesterday but couldn't be bothered to post it. So here it is after one day in existence, admittedly I ended up altering and rearranging the text as I was resizing it for this very post so it was probably a good thing that I left it yesterday. The idea just came from the stock images I picked up and just seemed to work well together. I think its much more fun to just "go with the flow" rather than trying to force an idea . . .

credit: Textures for Pendlestock 2 by =lindowyn-stock
orange abstract texture 3 by *beckas
TEX-07 by ~egg9700
TEX-05 by ~egg9700
NOxWAY - Font by *KeepWaiting

. . . Oooo Movement

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Thought I should probably get round to posting this seeing as its kinda been finished for quite a while now. This the 'music video' me and Lotty made in Animation. It took a surprisingly long time to do considering how basic it is but I guess thats just the nature of Animation. We were a little worried it wasn't gonna work but in the end it looked fairly good (well better than we thought it would at least, haha) so now for your viewing pleasure . . .

credit: Honeydew - Mr Scruff

. . . Someone New

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Yes I know this post is straight after the 20th so it kinda ruins the milestone-edness(thats a real word you know)of it but I should of posted the 20th earlier, but too late now. Anyway to buisiness, I made the back ground for this one cos I was feeling a bit bored and a little down (cos someone else I know is sad) but then when I'd finished it since I've given all of the pieces I have created lately to somebody I felt I needed to to do the same with this one but I wanted to give it to someone new (and shiney, haha) that when I thought of Megan, so I came up with the text to go over it and hey presto! it was completed, cue lightning and maniacal laughter, enjoy . . .

credit: Sunset Paint Canvas Texture by ~Enchantedgal-Stock
red yellow victorian pattern by =DyingBeautyStock
bokeh texture by =ntscha
Yellow -3- by ~wojtar-stock
Sybil Green Font by ~Soondosdiosaas

. . . Milestone

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Yes !!! I have reached the milestone of sadness aka twenty posts. I decided to make something special for it based around my second great love (after Photoshop) music and in this case heavy metal. The picture didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it but it looks okay I guess, I think I may have overworked it and built up too much I'm not sure, but its probable that a revised version will appear on here sometime soon (so at the rate I go, probably tomorrow) but this version will have to do for now . . .

credit: damask wallpaper by ~insurrectionx
Track16 by ~shadowcatgdlstock
Red Painted Metal Texture 2 by `FantasyStock
Cinnamon Swirls in Every Bite by ~GreenEyezz-stock
Bad Manners Font by ~MisterChek

. . . Sister

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Well my little sister asked me to make her a picture and this is what I came up with, being that it is her most discerning bar maybe her angry side, haha, and seeing as generally people take the piss when it comes to people with ginger hair, I thought this was quite good and more than likelt completely true. Also overall I love the colours that came out, some of them only due to the blend effects and layering, aren't accidents brilliant . . .

credit: Red - Yellow Colored texture by ~JRMB-Stock
Black and red tapestry by ~darkrose42-stock
red fruits by ~H-D-STOCK
clementine sketch by *lostsoulx44

. . . Free Time

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I know, I know, I clearly have far too much free time on my hands, or does it just mean I'm dedicated to doing art . . . eeerr no not really just too much free time and not enough going outside. Well anyway this is the Photoshop version of the original version (yes I like the word 'version') of "Rocketship" that I posted previously, thisis much closer to the original "Don't Rocket, Rock It" but admittedly I have altered it so now its just "Rocketship, Rockitship", I changed it mainly due the size the original words turned out on Photoshop, I may do it again but resize the work page rather than the text, so there will probably be a third version soon . . .

. . . Overload

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Thought I may as well post this picture, cos it will only lead to an even bigger posting overload tomorrow. This one I made cos I wanted to create something a bit darker and grittier than the rest of the stuff that I've been creating lately. Then I got the idea to involve new Twilight film New Moon (which is the second book, obviously) and so I ended up doing it for a friend of mine, Emma, who loves the books and films. This will probably cause plenty of people to groan in dismay but frankly I couldn't care less, I like it, she likes it and thats all that really matters . . .

credit: dark 19 by *mimustock
Return to the dark... by =GrandeOmbre
texture stock 160 by *redwolf518stock
Large Moon type texture. by ~gfxgurl
Northwood High Font by *asianpride7625

. . . Graphics, The Final Frontier

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Mwahahaaaaa, another piece from a workshop other than Digital A&D. This time its Graphics' turn on the blog, this piece is from an idea I had in my first workshop, original it wasn't two of the same picture but when I was making it on Photoshop I thought it looked cool especially when you have the side by side so I kept it that way, I'll probably make the other version soon so you can . . . shock horror ! compare & contrast, hahaaa . . .

. . . Craziness

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Aaaaaahhh craziness, I'm gonna post something that isn't for Digital A&D, I know I've completely lost the plot, well actually I probably lost that quite a while ago now but thats not the point. Anyhoo these are some photos from my first Photography workshop (so it isn't that far from Digital A&D) they had to be black & white (cos we were told to) some are bit better than others, but I still like them all . . .

. . . "Odd One Out"

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Another "cheer up" piece for the blog, apparently I have a lot of sad friends at the moment, which is kinda good in a strange way cos I then get to cheer them all up with art (which I'm good at) but at the same time it's bad cos, well, their sad and thats never good. It also makes me a bit of the "odd one out" cos I haven't been sad since . . . well probably since starting college, but this is definitely something I can cope with and it would probably lead to some strange paradox, *depressed voice* "oh I'm so happy it's depressing . . . " see it just wouldn't work . . .

credit: blue vintage and swirls by =DyingBeautyStock
abstract purple texture by =DyingBeautyStock
Purple Violence by *emothic-stock
Purple light texture by ~instantrock
6 fonts by ~perfectrockstar

. . . Another

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another picture for my friend Jess, who I also did "Laugh" for. I went for pretty much the opposite in terms of colours, and I thought is was quite good that it only took three layers to get something I was happy with (especially when some previous pieces have had 8 layers to get to the same point), I think it turned into quite a relaxing piece, next one is definitely going to have to be a lot darker . . .

credit: Blue grunge texture by ~SolStock
Texture - Blue Glitter by ~reno-fan-girl-Stock
Bright Blue Texture by ~Extince
CircleD font by ~estilojb