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Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A new piece for ole blog, which was inspired (aka idea theft) by Bethan's 'LOVE' piece, admittedly it was only the word love but whatever it still inspired me, but I thought I'd make mine a bit dirtier and grittier which is so me (eer no) but anyway took a bit of fiddling though because i darkened the background but then lost the type in the process but then I found the wonder that is Layer Style wooo, and managed to make the type stand out nicely but not completely take over the piece, well I least that what I hope has happened, I could and probably am wrong . . .

credit: Paper and Object 07 by ~Tackon
Floor 5347 by ~NewbieWorks

Distressed by *GreenEyezz-stock

Bokeh 9 by ~erykucciola-sToCk

Bad Manners Font by ~MisterChek

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