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Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yes I know this post is straight after the 20th so it kinda ruins the milestone-edness(thats a real word you know)of it but I should of posted the 20th earlier, but too late now. Anyway to buisiness, I made the back ground for this one cos I was feeling a bit bored and a little down (cos someone else I know is sad) but then when I'd finished it since I've given all of the pieces I have created lately to somebody I felt I needed to to do the same with this one but I wanted to give it to someone new (and shiney, haha) that when I thought of Megan, so I came up with the text to go over it and hey presto! it was completed, cue lightning and maniacal laughter, enjoy . . .

credit: Sunset Paint Canvas Texture by ~Enchantedgal-Stock
red yellow victorian pattern by =DyingBeautyStock
bokeh texture by =ntscha
Yellow -3- by ~wojtar-stock
Sybil Green Font by ~Soondosdiosaas

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