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Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well I made this yesterday but couldn't be bothered to post it. So here it is after one day in existence, admittedly I ended up altering and rearranging the text as I was resizing it for this very post so it was probably a good thing that I left it yesterday. The idea just came from the stock images I picked up and just seemed to work well together. I think its much more fun to just "go with the flow" rather than trying to force an idea . . .

credit: Textures for Pendlestock 2 by =lindowyn-stock
orange abstract texture 3 by *beckas
TEX-07 by ~egg9700
TEX-05 by ~egg9700
NOxWAY - Font by *KeepWaiting

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