. . . "Odd One Out"

Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another "cheer up" piece for the blog, apparently I have a lot of sad friends at the moment, which is kinda good in a strange way cos I then get to cheer them all up with art (which I'm good at) but at the same time it's bad cos, well, their sad and thats never good. It also makes me a bit of the "odd one out" cos I haven't been sad since . . . well probably since starting college, but this is definitely something I can cope with and it would probably lead to some strange paradox, *depressed voice* "oh I'm so happy it's depressing . . . " see it just wouldn't work . . .

credit: blue vintage and swirls by =DyingBeautyStock
abstract purple texture by =DyingBeautyStock
Purple Violence by *emothic-stock
Purple light texture by ~instantrock
6 fonts by ~perfectrockstar

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