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Posted by Laurence Cox | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ok thought I'd post something new seeing as I haven't for a little bit. This is also a chance for me to complain (admittedly its not a real complaint but whatever) . . . why oh why is Photoshop so damn addictive, I mean I could spend hours, days, and possibly months on it just fiddling about and tweaking pictures, and trying different layer arrangements and images just to see what looks best and then they all do, and then i end up with five images to the tweak further, aargh ! How am I ever meant to get anything else done ! Ok sorry about that my (happy) rant over.

credit: create-stock: lips by ~create-stock
crazy firework bokeh stock by =DyingBeautyStock

HUGE monoprint 6 by `pendlestock

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